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Spa appointments must be booked 72 hours and advance of service.


Hillbrook Signature Body Polish
60min.-$130   –  More Info

Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with the application of our exfoliating body scrub (various scents available). Fine pumice is used to reveal the healthy surface below, followed by a full-body application of an emollient-rich, hydrating moisturizer. This treatment is beneficial for both ladies and gentlemen.60min.-$130


West Virginia Spa

Purifying Back Treatment
30min.-$75   –  More Info

This treatment begins with a conditioning body wash followed by exfoliation and aromatherapy. Also included is a nourishing masque with steam and Hydration.30min.-$75


West Virginia Spa

Body Contour Wrap
90min $135   –  More Info

This holistic treatment combines an herbal formulation applied to the body to rejuvenate both externally and internally. The body is wrapped during this process. Results may include restoration of the skin’s elasticity, detoxification, lost inches and a more sculpted body. This warming and nurturing treatment is highly beneficial for skin. Please note: No pace makers; do not use tanning cream and do not take vitamins that contain niacin two days prior to wrap; do not shave the day of wrap.
Please note:
This service cannot be performed on individuals who:

  • Have a heart condition
  • Are on Coumadin or other blood thinners
  • Are on medications for biolar disorder or epilepsy
  • Have had chemotherapy within the past two years

To avoid a skin reaction, do not:

  • Use a tanning bed within 48 hours of receiving this service
  • Take vitamins or consume energy drinks containing niacin within 48 hours of receiving this service

Other recommendations:

  • Do not shave the same day the service is received to avoid discomfort
  • Avoid showering for 8 hours after the service in order to receive the maximum benefit

90min $135


West Virginia Spa

Waxing Services
Starting at $15   –  More Info


Bikini $40 and up (30 min)
Eyebrow $20 and up (15 min)

Lip $15 and up (15 min)
Chin $15 and up (15 min)
Full Face $50 and up (30 min)
Full Leg $80 and up (1 hour)

Half Leg $50 and up (30 min)
Fingers or Toes $15 and up (15 min)
Full Arm $50 and up (30 min)
Half Arm $30 and up (30 min)
Neck Grooming $25 and up (15 min)
Back$50 and up (30min and up)
Underarm $30 and up (15 min)
West Virginia Spa with Waxing
Spa credits may not be applied to waxing services 

Keratin Treatment
60 minutes – $95   –  More Info

This treatment is perfect for anyone with dry, cracked feet, dry hands or cuticles, or anyone looking for younger, healthier-looking skin. Keratin is a protein that helps keep the skin firm and forms a protective layer to keep out pathogens and help minimize serious damage from environmental factors, while increasing elasticity and encouraging the production of new skin cells. During this service, feet are soaked in warm water scented with essential oils, then exfoliated with a lightly stimulating scrub. Warm keratin is applied to hands and feet, then wrapped in warm towels. Afterwards, warm stones are used to massage the hands and feet.60 minutes – $95


West Virginia Spa

Mini Keratin Treatment
Hands $20 | Feet $20   –  More Info

Consider pampering yourself further by adding a mini Keratin Hand and/or Foot Treatment to any service. A warm Keratin hand mask and/or socks will be applied, and a relaxing massage will ensure the Keratin is effectively applied to strengthen nails, moisturize skin, and soften cuticles.
*Service can only be booked as an add-on to another service.

Hands $20 | Feet $20


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