The Art of Cooking at Hillbrook Inn!

Culinary/cooking classes at our West Virginia resort are the perfect way to enhance your visit. Learn from our expert chefs in a relaxed environment while creating sumptuous food and meeting new friends.

Group West Virginia Cooking Classes:
Saturdays, 12:00pm – 2:00pm –  More Info

Join us in our West Virginia kitchen for a professional group cooking class.  In each class, you will partake in hands-on preparation while learning from one of our expert chefs.  We also provide you with the recipes and the chance to taste your culinary creations. Classes are held in the newly renovated kitchen at our beautiful Hawthorn Estate.

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(Class size is limited to 6 guests. Advanced reservation required.) 

Private West Virginia Cooking Classes:
Sundays 12:00pm – 2:00pm –  More Info

Whether you’re a kitchen beginner, food enthusiast, or experienced cook, we can tailor your class experience to learn new skills and have fun in the process. Individuals, couples, or private groups will have the chef all to themselves to learn new skills, try new ingredients, or hone in on specific techniques.

Cooking together with your friends, co-workers, or partner is a great way to connect. Our private classes are great for:

Friends – For bridal showers, a girls or guys night out, or just hanging with your pals, consider a cooking class to bring everyone together and enjoy your meal at the end of the class (appetizers & cocktails, brunch or dinner options available).

Team Building – Co-workers or teammates will work together in the kitchen and then share a meal around the table together when their work is done. Choose a lunch or dinner menu.

Romance – Cooking, like love, requires that you use all of your senses. We’ll create beautiful food that you’ll experience together – some of it in the dining room and some of it to take with you and enjoy alone.

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Sundays 12:00pm – 2:00pm
(For individuals, couples, or private groups. Advanced reservation required.)

Select from the menu of choices below and let us know what type of class you’d enjoy by emailing us at

Foundation Skills Classes
Knife Skills Class Instructions will include: Knife selection and care, knife handling, and cutting (julienne, dice and mince).  We’ll use the food we cut to make salads, soups or salsas.
Searing/Grilling Class Learn how to successfully cook meats and vegetables with high heat.  At the end of class, we’ll enjoy meat and vegetable kabobs or a tasty stir-fry.
Braising/Poaching Class We’ll use liquid to coax flavor and tenderize meats, vegetables or fish.
Sauce Class
Learning to create a few basic sauces allows chefs to vary their dishes while adding flavor and flair. We will make two types of sauces as well as variations of each sauce to encourage your creativity!


Hands-on Skill Building Classes
Pasta Class Few dishes are more satisfying than your own handmade pasta. We’ll make a noodle-type pasta and a ravioli.  And sauce, of course.
Pastry Crust Class Handmade pastry crusts are simple to make if you have a chance to practice.  We’ll make two types of crusts with seasonal sweet and savory fillings.


Special Ingredients Class
Perhaps you’re making changes to your everyday diet or would like to learn to use new foods that you’ve read about.  We can build a class to suit your tastes in the following areas: Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Grains, Superfoods and Paleo.
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